Pome Gnome Reviews – Reviews of Stephen K. Scott’s Work

These Pome Gnome Reviews offer a look at what clients have thought of the work of Stephen K. Scott, the Pome Gnome:


He researched the entire history of our destroyer (USS Damato DD-871) and brought it to life for us in the poem “Ballad of the Damato.” It was presented at the banquet for our 2012 ship reunion in Columbus, Georgia and was greatly applauded!

– Gene Tucker, Navy Veteran, Missouri.

He wrote poems for me that were filled with humor, excellent understanding of the occasion and poems that touched the hearts of all who heard or read the rhymes.  You will never be disappointed in Steve’s wit and writing abilities!

– Cheryl Crosby, retired school teacher

It was such a surprise and great pleasure to receive the poem he wrote for me and I sing his praises.  He brought back so many fond memories of the events in my life, and even captured my eccentricities accurately

– Claire Gray, Centenarian, Fairhope, Alabama


We celebrated husband Billy’s 90th birthday with a tailgate bash before the Auburn/Georgia football game. There was BBQ and beer for 200 and music by Muse, but the hit of the afternoon was an epic poem written and read by Steve. It was so clever and such fun that everyone wanted a copy.

– Carolyn Tamblyn, wife of retired Auburn professor


Our beloved pet, Jasmine, was a member of our family for 16 years. After her passing we received a wonderful poem as a gift that captured so many elements of Jasmine’s life with us. When it was read to me, I laughed and cried. The memories were vividly expressed in verse. Every time I read it I get to revisit those beautiful memories of my precious dog and the poem has become a priceless family treasure.

– Diane Pippins, pet owner


He’s got rhythm, whimsy and soul. Steve Scott’s humor and poignancy zip and zing through every “pome.” I love a charade and he makes us wonder and wait for the punch line! Recommend? Oh Yes!

– Elsie Austin-Ezell, Playwright


We thank you for your poem, Ballad of the Damato which we have posted to our website www.destroyers.org.

– Terry Miller, Executive Director, Tin Can Sailors, Inc., The National Association of Destroyer Veterans

Virginia Woolf’s word fit Steve Scott. “Nature hath but little clay like that with which she molded you.” He has a razor-like wit and is a master at crafting words to tell wonderful stories in verse.

– Jack Brinkley, m.c. 90th-97th Congresses, Third District of Georgia


“Like you, my heart is connected (via my funny bone) to “pomes.” Thank you for sharing yours with me.”

– Charles Osgood, CBS Sunday Morning

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