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Get a custom poem written for you!

Contact the Pome Gnome and request a quote to get a custom poem:

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The fee is based mostly upon the length of the poem.

Should you desire to get a custom poem written the parameters will be discussed and an agreement reached. A meeting between the poet and person commissioning the poem will be set up to discuss the subject and reach consensus on the tone and style of the poem. This should be done in person, if possible, although it could conceivably be done via phone and email if the ordering party is in another city. A tentative completion date will also be established at this time, especially if there is a deadline such as a wedding or specific event date.

From this point information on the subject of the poem will be gathered (a form is available for this purpose), whether a person, organization or event. Facts, key dates, personality traits, family members, interesting and funny stories are all very useful in creating a special and highly individualized work. The poet will consult frequently with the ordering party during the creative process to ensure accuracy and to obtain any additional information required. The poet will submit a first draft and one free edit will be allowed before final delivery.