Examples of Poems by the Pome Gnome

Here are some examples of poems by Pome Gnome Stephen K. Scott found on pomegnome.com. Examples include “Ode to Africa House” and other poems by the author.



We know a little secret place, way out River Road,

Hidden from the tax assessor, near the Bucky Bowles abode.

You can hear distant jungle drumming, and the Howler monkey’s wail,

And catch the pungent whiff, of elephant dropping on the trail.

Bwana Bill stands by the door, looking freshly pressed,

Peterman would be proud, and we too are impressed.

Miss Nancy tends a boiling pot, stirring up something new,

And we can’t wait to get a taste, of Ouagadougou stew.

The thought appeared quite simply, while on a Safari trek,

But grew and grew like Topsy, it made them quite a wreck.

Under the stars on the Savanna, was such a thrilling thing,

They sought to capture the feeling, this experience can bring.

Bwana Bill bagged some mighty creatures, some treasures to enthrall,

And brought the skins and horns back, to hang upon the wall.

So they met with architects and planners, and many others too,

To create a thing of wonder; a Taxidermy Zoo.

From a small pine barren in the front yard, the thing began to rise,

And the wonder of it all, is still a grand surprise.

The building’s quite amazing; the workmanship can’t be beat,

With heart pine & dowel construction, it’s an architectural feat.

The colorful artifacts, provide a continental tour,

With many masks & trinkets, from Tanganyika to Bujumbura.

So gather your pith helmet, elephant gun and mosquito net,

And wrangle an invitation, to join the trendy set.

If traveling to the Dark Continent, was ever your intent,

You can simply visit Africa House, and you will be content.

 © 2013 Stephen K. Scott